A Radio Story

E1: The Gazelle

The Gazelle radio station and beacon was built in 1965 as a way of guiding of life to earth. Now, fifty years later, its caretakers are failing to keep the station up to date. Kurt Evans, a radio DJ, and Mike Jones, a former Boeing engineer, must deal with the fact that their project is being shut down and struggle with the idea that maybe there’s nothing out there after all. 

E2: The Plan

After Mike unexpectedly announced that they would save the Gazelle radio station, Kurt is left to sort through voicemails left by the show’s listeners and figure out a way to raise enough money to save the beacon, when a call from an old friend of Mike’s reveals a surprising connection to the show. With the help of radio producer, Dylan Reed, Mike and Kurt come up with a plan to save the Gazelle. 

E3: The Tapes

Using the recordings made by Dylan’s father, a UFO enthusiast, Mike and Kurt listen to the entire history of the Gazelle. The tapes reveal the different styles and beliefs of the show’s previous hosts; and a phone call from 1986 makes a shocking claim.

E4: The Hike

After hearing a report of a nearby UFO crash, the team sets off to find the wreckage. As Dylan continues to work on his story about the Gazelle he struggles to come to terms with his father’s fanatic beliefs; and an unexplainable encounter in the woods catches everybody off guard. 

E5: The Big Show: Part 1

With a completed radio story and possible evidence of extraterrestrial beings, Dylan produces one final show to save the Gazelle. But as Dylan arranges for several former hosts to be interviewed for the event, Kurt begins to act strange, and a loud noise heard outside interrupts the entire radio segment.